How Caregivers Can Make 2017 Amazing

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To all fellow caregivers out there – Intact-Wellbeing acknowledges every little thing you’ve done just to administer the proper care and attention to your loved ones! We know how heavy your burden is, of how overwhelming caregiver stress may be in your lives. We are dedicating this article to you folks. You are heroes that deserve much more than all the pain you are currently dealing with.

Additionally, for caregivers and recipients alike, please share your comments and thoughts on today’s topic. We want to compile the best suggestions and solutions on how to combat caregiver stress. Let us all work together to make this a wonderful year for all.


There’s this popular adage, “STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards.” As much as we would want to take light of all these negative thoughts that most face on a daily basis, stress – as a matter of fact – is a feeling that may seem normal for caregivers anywhere. Just the thought of being with someone 24/7, attending to his or her every needs, and losing out on sleep, work opportunities, and personal time is stress-inducing.

Now, where are the “desserts” that caregivers deserve? Don’t fret – we may probably never get rid of stress, but this doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort to at least lighten the caregiving load.

Caregiver Stress is Real

First, we must realize that caregiver stress is an actual phenomenon. As highlighted by Mayo Clinic, caregivers may have a rewarding role of looking after the person close to their hearts. But the act to spend time and devote one’s self to service does come at a high price.

Stress from caregiving may result in depression. The emotions one feels – ranging from anger, exhaustion, frustration, and loneliness – may make a caregiver lose the drive he or she needs to accomplish tasks. With negativity seeping in, caregivers may lose a sense of purpose, increasing tension even amongst care recipients.

The need to acknowledge stress is important for it will then lead into one accepting that he or she needs help. To help out these heroes in their time of need, here are a few tips to help alleviate the blues:

Time Heals

Caregivers deserve a break. Whether to check for employment opportunities or to catch up with their hobbies, time for one’s self is essential for caregivers wishing to bring back some joy in their lives. Allow your caregiver some time off – a little R&R is synonymous to long term benefits for them. Think of it this way: a happy caregiver also means a happy care recipient!

Building a Social Bridge

Fostering relationships allow caregivers to see the beauty of the world. More often than not, the only people a caregiver interacts with would be you and a select few. Reconnecting with old friends and other family members will bring back that positive drive.

Professional Help

Let your loved one be part of caregiver support groups. Aside from connecting with individuals in similar circumstances, support groups may also introduce new and better ideas on how to tackle caregiver stress.

Coverage Will Matter

Simply enrolling in an insurance policy may significantly alleviate caregiver stress. It has been reported that caregivers experience less stress with long term care insurance policyholders. Another option is Medicare Supplemental Insurance. By helping policyholders pay for various out-of-pocket expenses, caregivers may have one less thought to worry about. Please discuss your options with an insurance agent on how coverage may help both you and your caregiver.

Let’s make 2017 an amazing year for caregivers. Please share this article to promote awareness of caregiver stress. Additionally, give your caregiver a hug – it just may what he or she needs today!


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